Mr. William W. “Bill” Williamson, Jr.

The Foundation for Reformed Theology has been a great blessing to my ministry. Each yeara group of us who are ministers and friends gathers together, usually at Union Seminary, toread one of the bibliographies prepared by Dr. Leith. Since we have been doing this forfifteen years, we have read about some of the great themes of Christian faith: Providence,Election, Prayer, the Holy Spirit, Missions, the Christian Hope, and many more.

These readings have strengthened my personal life and my ministry in many ways. For onething they have enhanced my study time during the other fifty-one weeks of the year. Myyear-round study and reading is more focused and substantive. I find myself reading moreof the great writers in the history of the church, and less of current fads that blow with thewind. These readings in turn have helped my preaching and teaching, and even my pastoral

Karl Barth says “The being of [humankind] is a being in gratitude.” (Church Dogmatics, III.2,p. 167) One the things I am grateful for in my ministry is the continuing witness of the Foundation for Reformed Theology.