History & Purpose

taylor-seminar-2014Our Vision

The Foundation understands that the faith and life of the church can best be upheld, sustained, and reformed through the church’s own historic faith and practices, particularly preaching, teaching, and pastoral care. Thus the Foundation works to strengthen pastors in their ministry of the gospel of Jesus Christ as attested to in the Scriptures, as summarized in the creeds and confessions of the church, and as articulated in the classic texts of Reformed theology.

Our Mission

The Foundation is committed to studying, learning, receiving, and appropriating the faith and teachings of those who have gone before us in order best to apply that theology to reforming the faith and life of the church today. The Foundation affirms that a lifetime of diligent study and understanding of Reformed theology will help build up the Reformed and Presbyterian congregations of the church in particular and therefore the entire church of Jesus Christ in general.

Our Program

The Foundation’s main program for strengthening pastors in their ministry consists of week long, annual, study seminars covering more than thirty topics, from the Bible, the living God, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, election, providence, and revelation to the creeds, preaching, prayer, worship, Christian life, and the hope for eternal life. The Foundation provides leadership, bibliographies, room, board, and travel for these seminars. Many ministers report that these occasions for study, retreat, collegiality, and friendship with six or eight of their fellow pastors are the most rewarding events for reforming ministry in which they participate.