The Reading and Preaching of the Scriptures in the Worship of the Christian Church, Volume 7, Our Own Time

by Hughes Oliphant Old

This volume is the seventh and last installment of Hughes Oliphant Old’s magisterial history of preaching. Here Old takes up the story with the 1960s and the Second Vatican Council and follows it all the way through to the house churches of China and the preaching of Anglican Archbishop Kivengere in Uganda, known as the “Billy Graham of Africa.” Along the way he looks at the engaging preaching found in Latin America, the rise of the modern megachurch, the role of Joan Alexandru’s preaching in bringing down the house of Ceausescu, and other historically significant moments in preaching.

Full of surprising details and inspiring stories of ministry throughout the world, this volume beautifully rounds out Old’s monumental, comprehensive series on the history of preaching in the Christian church.

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